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Too old to hire…too young to retire, if you find yourself in this number this series is for you. If you have friends, family or contacts in this number please share. I have met and read about far too many people at 50+ that find themselves in this position and as someone who has lived it myself be assured there is an alternative.

This series is for every 50+ executive who for what ever reason find themselves in transition, underemployed, in job search mode every couple of years and/or forced into becoming a part-time consultant in your space. You are sick and tired of being undervalued, underappreciated and quite frankly discriminated against.

So what is the solution for someone who is not interested in or in a position to retire, but is finding it increasingly difficult to find employment or generate consistent income? My contention is that self employment is the solution to most, if not all who find themselves in this untenable position.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. – Peter Drucker

6 Reasons why over fifty is the perfect time to become an entrepreneur: 

  1. You have 30+ years of experience and skills
  2. You have a strong network to tap into
  3. You have wisdom and maturity on your side
  4. You have access to financial resources for start-up funding
  5. You’ve had time on this earth to help determine what you love to do and are passionate about.
  6. In many cases the children have launched freeing up significant time and energy

So with so many obvious benefits to launching a successful start-up that you are truly passionate about why do such a small percentage take this route?

  • Fear of failure is a major deterrent, especially for those with no entrepreneurial background. Can you afford to put at risk your already shrinking retirement nest egg?
  • Many explore the consultant or contract route in their area of expertise. While there are certainly success stories I would suggest that they are significantly outnumbered by consultants who are just trying to bridge the gaps in their resumes. Not in most cases a recipe for success.

My intent for this blog series is to tell the stories of successful entrepreneurs who in most cases came from corporate backgrounds and started their ventures after the age of fifty. Along with their stories I will share their lessons learned and their advice for other aspiring 50+ entrepreneurs. The goal is provide you with a roadmap for success and a source of inspiration to help you along in your journey. My intent is to post a new blog in the series on a weekly basis.

Make no mistake launching a successful venture is never easy at any age, but as my stories will clearly show the rewards go well beyond the financial and sometimes the best motivation is the realization that staying put is no longer an alternative.

`Your input and comments are encouraged and very much appreciated. Please share with your network as I sincerely believe that this series can make a difference in the lives of those presently struggling in their chosen career paths or those who are looking for reinvention in their next chapter.

My next post, blog #1 of the series, will be the story and lessons learned of Carol Gardner of Zelda Wisdom fame.

As President of Your Future Reimagined (YFR) Coaching and Consulting, I help professionals/executives successfully transition to enjoyable and enriching Next Chapters. Please contact me to book one-on-one coaching, workshop and keynote speaking engagements.

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