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About Mike KennedyPositive Aging Coach

    Mike is a Coach U trained positive aging coach and the President/Lead Coach of Your Future Reimagined (YFR) Coaching. His areas of expertise include:
    • Helping 50+ clients launch & scale entrepreneurial ventures.
    • Helping 50+ clients successfully transition to enriching & engaging next chapters.
    Mike brings a wealth of real life experience to his coaching practice.
    • At 56 Mike made a successful transition from 30+ years as a sales executive in the consumer products industry to his own successful entrepreneurial venture.
    • A national level paddler, Mike represented Canada at the World Dragon Boat Championships for the first time when he was 52. He will never forget the experience of hearing the national anthem for the first time at an international event.
    • Married for thirty five years Mike lives in Cambridge, Ontario with his wife, two adult children and 95 year old mom.
    Mike has never been healthier or happier as he launches his next chapter.

    Coaching helps move you from where you are today to where you want to be.

    Are you satisfied with your present quality of life? Do you enjoy a fulfilling balance between work and play? If your answer is no, then coaching could be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself. Coaching focuses on closing the gap between where you are and what is ideal for you.

    A little about what professional coaching provides:
    • Your partner in achieving business and personal goals
    • Your champion during a turnaround
    • Your trainer in communication and life skills
    • Your sounding board when making choices
    • Your motivation when strong action is called for
    • Your unconditional support when you take a hit
    • Your mentor in personal development
    • Your co-designer when creating an extraordinary project
    • Your beacon during stormy times
    • Your wake-up call if you don’t hear your own
    • Your partner in helping you all of what matters move to you