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YFR ServicesCoaching , Seminars and Workshops

    Are you too old to hire…too young to retire?
    • Has your career been derailed and you are becoming increasingly frustrated with your inability to find a job?
    • Are you concerned that you won’t wave sufficient savings to fund your retirement?
    Mike helps clients transition from the corporate world to successful entrepreneurial ventures.

    There is no ageism when you are the boss!

    What is your plan to ensure an enriching and engaging retirement?
    • What will provide purpose in your next chapter? What will ensure your longevity bonus is really a bonus?
    Mike’s 50+ clients may well be active into their 80’s and beyond. He works with them to increase the odds that they will be some of the best years of their lives.

    Your Future Reimagined (YFR) Coaching provides an effective resource for workshops and seminars that can be conducted at a site of your choice.

    Mike is an experienced speaker and facilitator ensuring that all workshops and seminars are very interactive and an enjoyable learning experience. The length of the sessions can be modified depending on the needs of the client.

    Upcoming Seminars